Our Life Together, Past Present and Future

Welcome to Our Corner of the Internet

So What's New?

  • Cort & Margie's 25th Anniversary Party


    We joined friends and family to celebrate the parent's (Cort and Margie) 25th Wedding Anniversary. Happy anniversary!

  • Sarah's 40th Birthday Celebration


    We joined Rick, Sarah, and friends for a limo ride and night on the town to celebrate Sarah's 40th birthday. Happy birthday Sarah!!!

  • Hawaiian 10 Year Anniversary Trip -
    Set 4: Snorkeling


    On our last full day in Hawaii, Sonya's Tita Karen took us snorkeling! We also brought along her underwater camera!

  • Hawaiian 10 Year Anniversary Trip -
    Set 3: Canon Rebel Camera


  • Hawaiian 10 Year Anniversary Trip -
    Set 2: Tita Karen's Camera


    These are pictures that Sonya's Tita Karen took while we were spending time with her and Tito Ernie in Hawaii.

Our Website...

This website originally appeared on the internet in 2004, shortly after we decided to get married. It was a fun way to keep family and friends informed about our wedding plans.

After our marriage was official however, the site continued to grow, as did our love for each other.
Now, we continue to add content and share our thoughts and we invite you to join us in our online adventures...

Our Story (In Case You Haven't Heard It Before)

It all began back in highschool. From the first time we met, there was always something special between us. Back then however, we were each in our own relationships and we respected that. And so our relationship remained one of friendship. We were both aware that there was something between us, but it wasn't the right time. Our friendship remained strong until we graduated from high school and then we parted ways for a couple of years.

We did run into each other at our friend Steve Wilson's house one night.

Steve Wilson Steve Wilson

That was a pleasant surprise, but once again we were with other people and were forced to remain friends. We stayed at Steve's late that night just catching up on all the adventures we'd had since we last saw each other. Reflecting later, it always seems amazing that life kept giving us these hints...

Several more years passed and once again we ran into each other at Steve's place. Only this time we were both single! We traded numbers, started spending time together, and began to fall in love. We finally got our chance.

Then near Christmas of 2003, while Sonya was with family in the Philippines, the topic of marriage came up during one of her phone calls home to the USA...
upon her return, we confirmed our willingness to spend the rest of our lives together. We began planning our future and also started this website.

Our Symbol Fire/Water

There are lots of couples with their own website out there, but we've even got our own symbol! The two of us have a common interest in the zodiac and our signs are fire (Sonya: Aries) and water (Russ: Scorpio). Sonya designed this basic symbol which represents the balance we bring to each other and our life together. If there is one icon that represents our bond, this is that one.